About Genwriters

Stories … stories … stories. Every family has them. Some are sad; some are funny. Some are poignant, some you might rather forget. Stories. You probably heard them from your mother. Stories about when she was young. Stories about her life. You laugh with her when she shares a funny story, and watch that tear in her eye when she remembers a sad one. These stories made her the person she is today.

How wonderful to be able to share these stories with your children, and for your children to share the stories with their children. Your mother’s grandchildren would be able to catch a real glimpse of their grandmother from these wonderful stories passed down through the generations.

Write your family’s stories down … pass them along. Your family’s history is your history. Don’t let it be lost or forgotten.

Genwriters was created as a forum to bring together web-based and print resources to assist genealogists in writing their family histories. A well-written family history is more than lists of names, dates, and places. To add interest and substance, a family history should be written against a well-researched social history backdrop. The resources at Genwriters will help you to write a family history that your family will enjoy. It will be cherished by your family and treasured by future generations.

It is my sincerest hope that the information presented at Genwriters.com will encourage you to write your family history. Imagine how wonderful it would have been if your great-grandfather had written a journal detailing his life during the nineteenth century. Now consider how thankful your great-grandchildren will be when they pick up your written family history.

Phyllis Matthews Ziller, MLIS, Genwriters Author


Phyllis holds a master of library science degree from the University of South Florida. She is editor of the NCGS News, the newsletter of the North Carolina Genealogical Society and a proofreader for the NGS Magazine, the quarterly magazine published by the National Genealogical Society. She is past editor of both Speak!, the newsletter of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, and Columns, the newsletter of the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors. She is a member of the National Genealogical Society and the North Carolina Genealogical Society.