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When you’re ready to begin putting pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to write your family’s stories, the Writing Resources section will provide information to help you create a family history you will be proud of and that your family will want to read. It is here that you will find tips and ideas for putting your family history onto paper, from choosing an ancestor to beginning your writing to editing your draft before publishing your work.

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Writing Resources on the Internet

Bibliography of Family History Writing Guides


Articles on the Internet

Write Your Family History – And Send it to the Library of Congress: Encouragement to write your family history and yes, you can then send it to the Library of Congress.

Write a Page-Turning (But True) Family History: Practical guidance from author Leslie Albrecht Huber, author of The Journey Takers (2010).

Write Your Family History: Get Motivated: Face the most common excuses head on and conquer them.

No More Excuses: Ten Tips to Finally Write That Family History: Lisa Alzo’s post on the In-depth Genealogist blog offers ten ways to jumpstart your family history book.

Flesh on the Bones: Turning Dry Ancestral Details into a Life Story: Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, the author of You Can Write Your Family History (2009), writes about incorporating social history into the family history narrative.

What is Creative Nonfiction?: The Creative Nonfiction Collective Society describes this emerging genre of writing.