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Genwriters is your online library with sources to add life to your family history. Genwriters points you to resources, both online and in print, that will add variety and substance to your research. Whether you are writing your family’s history, contemplating whether you should begin writing, or you just want to expand your research horizons, there’s something here at Genwriters to help you on your journey.

GenGuides offer tips and pointers for researching unique resources beyond the vital records and census enumerations. Each GenGuide offers an overview of the resource or topic, then explains where to find resources related to the topic and how to use them.

The Social History section helps you to add context to your family history research. Social history topics, such as clothing, entertainment, and food, just to name a few, will help you to learn more about your ancestors’ everyday lives. These topics bring your ancestors to life.

When you’re ready to begin putting pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to write your family’s stories, the Writing Resources section provides information to help you create a family history you will be proud of and that your family will want to read. It is here that you will find tips and ideas for putting your family history onto paper, from choosing an ancestor to beginning your writing to editing your draft before publishing your work.

Don’t forget to visit the Genealogy for Children section for ideas and inspiration to introduce the children in your life to their family history.